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Animal X

Animal X

Animal X investigates strange, unexplained sightings of creatures, many of which are yet to be recognised by the scientific world.  From Bigfoot to el Chupacabra. Cattle Mutilations, giant sharks to monsters of all kinds. Animal X also reports on strange and unusual animal behaviour and phenomena from around the globe. The Carnivorous Herbivores of Scotland to animal emotions and psychic abilities.

Series 3 Animal X Natural mystery Unit introduces Daniel and Natalie. Qualified investigators who investigate sightings by going to the locations and interviewing eyewitness and experts. Cases include the San Fransisco Bay Monster, Australian Alien Big Cats, Mothman, Texas Bigfoot and others.

The Animal X team is committed to solving the most baffling of nature’s mysteries. To find out more about this series, get some free stuff  go to –

Series One, Two, (26 x ½ hr) (PG) and  Three (The Natural Mystery Unit) (10 x 1 hr) (PG)

Downloads can be punched from Amazon here are the links:

Animal Allies

Animals Helping People, People helping animals.

Animal AlliesSeries One and Two (26 x ½ hr) (PG)

Animal Allies is a feel-good international TV series exploring the wonderful relationships between humans and animals around the world. Filmed in a variety of exotic and urban locations – including the UK, Russia, Australia and Asia – this series follows all kinds of animal lovers from top vets to everyday pet owners. From individual animal rescues to whole species rescue.

Split in to easily identifiable sections in the Animal Doctors segment we enter the the vets operating theatres in the surgery  and out on the fields, . In the Animal Helpers segment we meet animal lovers who dedicate their lives to animals. In Animal World we travel the globe to bring you the people who fight to save endangered animals. In a special “How To” segment we give essential tips on looking after your pet. Here’s a link to website


Max Harwood and Ross Dunkerton

Cobbers Television Series (PG) (6 x 30mins)

The word ‘Cobbers’ is Australian for mates, buddies, and comrades-in-arms. It signifies the feeling that two blokes have for one another. Max Harwood and Ross Dunkerton are two Australian Cobbers. Join them and enjoy their quirky sense of humour as they search Australia’s remote ‘outback’ for the wonderful characters and oddballs that live there. This series is a wonderful heartwarming insight into the vastness of this enormous country and the people who make their life here.

Distributed, not produced by Storyteller Media Group


baby lemur

Before It’s Too Late

Before It’s Too Late (PG) (15 x 1 hr)

Is arguably the first and only TV series to deal solely with endangered species. The series looks at hundreds of endangered  species and what is driving them along the road to extinction.

We also look at the people who are fighting to save these creatures from extinction. An environmental series that gives hope in these uncertain times.

It’s the story of the species and their place in our world.  It’s a story of the plight of the species and what’s causing their extinction.


big cat

Cheetah and vet

It’s the story of amazing human beings who have dedicated their lives to saving “their” species not only for future generations to marvel at, but for the sake of the wider picture.

The world we enjoy today is this way because of the web of life that holds it all together. We did not create the web of life we are part of it, What we do to the web we do to ourselves. What we do to the world we do to ourselves, to mis-quote Chief Seattle.

It’s a story of one species helping another.

The story of humanity’s fight back. The story of how people around the world are caring for what we are doing to the planet without yelling and screaming about this that or the other. They are just getting on with it. Doing what they can to save another species. Before it’s too late.

Click here for  a full Before It’s Too Late episode breakdown.

  • Winner: WhaleSong Cinematography & Commendation Awards International Ocean Film Festival Setonaikai Japanese, 2 x Merit Award International Wildlife Film Festival Missoula, Finalist New York Film Festival. Selected by the Australian Embassy Washington and Earth Watch Inst. to the US Secretary of State’s Environmental Film Festival at the White House. Written, Director Producer, Mike Searle. Cinematography, Ingo Helbig and Wayde Fairly, Sound Daniel Searle, Editor Geoff Hall, Music Robin Lumbly
  • Winner: Mini Marsupials Earth Vision Award 10th Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival Writers Mike Searle & Daniel Searle, Director Mike Searle, Field Directors  Melanie Byres, Daniel Searle, Cinematographers, Alex McPhee, Ian Pugsley, Daniel Searle, Nigel Thompkinson, editor Geoff Hall Music MDS
  • Winner: From the Brink of Eternity UNESCO Bronze Prize New York Film Festival, Silver Award WorldFest Houston Texas 2000, & Finalist New York Film Festival –  Director Peter du Cane, Writers Mike Searle & Peter du Cane, Producer Mike Searle, Cinematographer Geoff McKell, Sound Robert Lawson, editor Peter Fosdick, music Hank Marvin and Martin Jenner,
  • Winner: Lost Angels the Great Australian Whale Rescue Rolex Grand Prize French International Maritime and Exploration Film Festival for & Penguin Award Australian Television Awards, & Merit Award Earth Peace Awards UK . Writer, Producer, Director Mike Searle, Cinematographers Ingo Helbig, Wayne Kuriata,peter Lettemiar editor Geoff Hall
  • Winner: Whale Shark Gypsy of the Deep Rolex Grand Prize French International Maritime and Exploration Film Festival Gold Special Jury Award WorldFest Houston Texas 2000 & Special Award for Observation International Festival of Nature Films WIZNA  Poland. Writer Director Mike Searle, Producers Mike Searle Richard Todd Linda Searle, Cinematography Richard Todd. Editor Geoff Hall, Music MDS
  • Winner: Croaking Frogs Environmental Grand Prize 19th Festival International du film et nature Grenobles France & Finalist Festival International du Film d’Environnement France . Directors Daniel Searle, Robert McGlynn, Geoff Hall, Editor Geoff Hall, Cinematographers Daniel Searle, Ingo Helbig, Sound Leo Kooistra, Music MDS
  • Winner: Hawaii Isles of Extinction Minister of the Environment’s Prize 29th International Thematic Film Competition Poland & Earth Vision Award 13th Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival & Finalist – Best Documentary Maritime and Exploration and  Environmental Film Festival France & Finalist – Best Documentary Festival International du Film Ornithologique France & Best Documentary Earth Vision Award 13th  Japan Global Environmental Film Festival US. Writer Director Carolyn Bertram, Producer Mike Searle, Editor Geoff Hall Cinematographer Leighton de Barros, Music MDS, Sound Damiain Brown,
  • Winner: Dogs, Cats and Horny Beasts Finalist – Best Documentary Festival International du Film Ornithologique  France Directors Jody Robb Mike Searle, Cinematographer Ross McLean, Editor Geoff Hall,Producer Mike Searle,Writers Jody Robb Mike Searle, Sound Damiain Brown, Music MDS
  • Winner: Wildlife Warriors – Allies of Nature  Finalist – Best Documentary Planet in Focus UK, Finalist – Shanghai TV Festival showcase & Honourable Mention International Wildlife Film FestivalUSA Director, Writer Daniel Searle, Producers Mike Searle Ingo Helbig, Cinematographers Nigel Tomkinson, Daniel Searle, Leif Bjorn Petersen, Sound Damiain Brown,
  • Winner: Orang-utan, Just Hanging On Best Wildlife/Environmental Documentary 22nd International Film Festival de Touristico Milan Italy. Writer, Producer Director Mike Searle, Additional Directing Peter du Cane, Director of Photography Ian Pugsley, Sound Glen Martin, Editor Geoff Hall, Music Hank Marvin, Martin Jenner, Tim Count, Keith Van Geyzel

A co-production with PRTA-Primetime, Granada, ITEL, ITV Studios.



Russian Bohemia

Russian Bohemia (Cultural) (1 x 1 hr) (PG)

Russia’s music tradition dates back thousands of years and carries with it a very gripping drama that engulfs its people, its history and its landscape.

To a backdrop of stunning Russian landscapes and architecture, we take a musical journey with members of the Moscow Male Choir and some of Russia’s most prominent musicians. We join Russia’s treasured performers as they sing and play at the Kremlin.

The Kremlin Capella perform one of Russia’s all time favourite folk song Little Bell has been known to bring people to tears. Today this clip is Storyteller’s second most popular clip on YouTube. Of August 8th 2016 it had more than 1.7 million views.

An MP3 download of the Kremlin Capella singing the Little Bell can be purchased here.

A co-production with the International Museum New York, Stuart Bromley Trust

Russian Bohemia DVD for lovers of fine music, available for purchase as DVD from Amazon here.


Secret Treasures of the Kremlin

Secret Treasures of the Kremlin (Cultural)  (1 x 1 hr) (PG)

Secret Treasures of the Kremlin is a magical look at Russia as you’ve never seen it before. Full of “coffee table book” images, this documentary uses the music of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, played by the Rossiyane Folk Orchestra and the Kremlin Capella to provide a wonderful background to the Russia of today.

We journey through the beautiful Russian countryside visiting its historic cities. We also visit the Kremlin to view valuable treasures including the extraordinary Faberge eggs.

Here’s a short clip from the show where Present Susannah Carr speaks with Irena Polynina Curator of the Kremlin Museum about the magnificent uniqueness of the museum collection.

A co-production with the International Museum New York, Stuart Bromley Trust, Seven Network Australia.


Malice or Mutiny?

Malice or Mutiny – The Koolama Incident (Historical) (1 x 1 hr & 1 x ½ hr) (PG)

The Koolama, pride of the Western Australian state shipping fleet, lay crippled in the shallows. Its 200 passengers and crew, some with horrific injuries sought refuge on a nearby beach. 10 days earlier their peaceful life had been turned upside down. Their voyage brought to an abrupt end, as Japanese zeros bombed their decks. What followed is a story of survival and heroic achievement. It’s also a tale of conflict, jealousy and fascinating personalities. Many say it’s the story of Australia’s forgotten mutiny.

A co-production with the ABC Australia



Matthew’s Fight for Life

Matthew’s Fight for Life (Medical) (1 x 1 hr & 1 x ½ hr) (PG)

The touching story of young Matthew Fiddick and his incredible battle to stay alive. At three he was diagnosed with a massive brain tumour and his parents were told it was unlikely he’d reach four.

Matthew however has defied the odds with the help of Dr Charles Teo and survived 16 brain tumours and 5 operations. In an emotional and compelling journey we follow Matthew and his family as they travel to Sydney for the most dangerous operations he has yet faced.

The battle against cancer is tough at anytime, but when it’s a young teenager, it’s even harder to bear.

A co-production with SBS Independent

marsupial lion

Bone Diggers

Bone Diggers (Science) (1 x 1 hr & 1 x ½ Hr) PG

Bone Diggers is about a team of scientists who head to the caves under Australia Nullarbor Plane.

There they find a case of bones belonging to a heap of different, extinct and unknown species from pre-history. We follow their excitement as they uncover the first and only intact skeleton of the extinct thylacoleo carnifex.

The Marsupial Lion. We follow the science as they put the bones through tests and scanning to find out the truth about this lost predator.

A co-production with the Western Australian Museum, NHK Tokyo, WGNH Boston, ABC Australia.

spitfire recovery

Spitfire at Crocodile Creek

Spitfire From Crocodile Creek (Adventure/military) (1 x 1 hr) (PG)

This is the story of the recovery of a crashed World War 2 Spitfire war plane from the crocodile infested mangroves of Western Australia’s Kimberly region.

The plan crashed while on its way back from collecting the Christmas beer. But the pilot got last. more than 40 years after it was ditched in the waters of the Prince Regent river in the Kimberly a group of Australian servicemen travel to this remote wilderness to recover the plane from the sticky mangrove mud.

For almost 50 years the plane had been protected by crocodiles. Now it was time to reclaim it.

landmine dogs

Dogs of Peace

Dogs of Peace (Animal/military) (1 x 1 hr) (PG)

There are tens of millions of landmines in scores of countries around the world. It is a constant worry for people living in previous war zones. The problem of not stepping on a hidden landmine.

These insidious killers lie in wait underground just waiting for an innocent passer-by to step on it. But there are people and dogs who risk their lives every day to expose and destroy these killers. These dogs are the Dogs of Peace and we travel to Afghanistan where there are more than 10 million landmines to be detected.

Winner: Gold Special Jury Award WorldFest Houston Texas 2001 forTV Special

Anastasia Romanov

In Search of a Lost Princess

In Search of a Lost Princess (History) (1 x 75 mins) (PG)

This award winning documentary tells the sad story of the fate of the last Tzar of Russia and his family. Butchered in the cellar of an old house in Yekaterinburg. Their remains thrown into disused mineshaft in a remote forest.

However mystery has always surround the fate of Anastasia and Alexi the youngest children of the Tzar and Tzarina. In this documentary, In Search of a Lost Princess we investigate two men’s claim that their grandmother was in fact the Grand Duchess Anastasia the youngest daughter of the Tzar.

That she had escaped and lived her life in hiding in South Africa.

We enlist the help of Oxford University DNA program and the facial reconstruction expertise of Manchester and Sheffield Universities. As we investigate the men’s claim.

Winner: Silver Award WorldFest Houston Texas 2000 for Investigative Journalism

Exposed Eagles




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