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Devils In Danger

– 1 x 54 mins for TV.
– Fully interactive web site with feed of at least 12 cameras 24/7 from Devil Sanctuary in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Devil, globally infamous thanks to the Warner Bros. cartoon series TAZ. The strange vicious animal that will eat anything that may get in its way.

But in reality this species, one of only a few remaining carnivorous marsupial species on the planet, is on the brink of extinction because of a mystery disease that’s decimating the wild population. There is no other disease like it on the face of the planet.

The Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) is a contagious cancer, which is thought to be caused by humanity, has wiped out 85% of the population. We join a handful of scientists and experts as they try to trap some of the remaining healthy wild population in an attempt to create a quarantined sanctuary to ensure this species survival.

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Secret Island – Expedition into the Unknown

– 6 x 26 mins for TV
– Follow the adventures, trials and tribulations of this group of adventurers, scientsts and conservationists at Secret Island TV
This is an expedition into the unknown. Unknown species, unknown terrain, unknown companions, unknown dangers.

This is the show that takes you to one of the world’s most secret places. Join us as we watch a team of 10 complete strangers who are thrown together on a remote island to attempt at carrying out a scientific study of an island off the cost or Myanmar (Burma).

But this is no ordinary island. This island is arguable the world’s first National Park or Nature Reserve. Created centuries ago by one of Burma’s ancient rulers.

Our expedition members live on this incredible island and interact with the animals and each other, as they search out the creatures that live there, and begin the island’s first scientific biological survey.

Secret Island – Expedition into the Unknown, will see this young mix of scientists, film makers and conservations as they live together for four weeks. They will be sleeping rough, either on the boat deck or on the beach. There are no wash rooms or facilities of any kind. No shops. Their only way in and out is a long 10 hour boat trip. If anything goes wrong, there is no help.

We will see these young people at their best and their worst, as they go through the daily routine of trekking through the jungle looking for new species.

If that’s not bad enough the island is home to a killer elephant. He’s head of a herd that live on this island. And while our young group are stalking him. He could very well be stalking them.

Secret Island goes one step further than any reality based show, one step further than a wildlife show and one step further than a human/animal interaction program.

Not for decades has an expedition like this been mounted let alone filmed.

As our young group elite scientists, conservationists and filmmakers explore and investigate the mysteries of a place which has remained uninhabited since the beginning of time, we will be with them. As they plan their assault on the islands highest peak, we will be with them. As they search for the killer elephant, or the tigers that are supposed to live on the island, we will be there. For triumph, or failure.

Secret Island – Expedition into the Unknown is a dangerous and hostile place who knows what will happen. Join us if you dare.

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